Diversity Dividend: Canada’s Global Advantage | Centre for International Governance Innovation

As a growing number of countries turn inward and shut their doors to immigration and free trade, Canada stands poised to reap the benefits of its successful immigration policies and its diversity. Canada’s diversity ought to be its global advantage and this report shows how to realize this potential and why it is imperative to do so. Drawing on new statistical research, consultations with the business community and stakeholders, and academic literature, this report, co-published with The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, explores the link between a diverse workforce and economic prosperity.

A series of recommendations are offered for government, business and organizations engaged in supporting diversity and inclusion. While some of them are not new, there is new urgency to unlocking potential and building an inclusive nation where everyone benefits. The data and findings in this report make the business case. Canada’s diversity and global connections represent a significant global advantage, but one that not all Canadians have fully recognized or leveraged. To realize this potential will require leadership to maintain support for diversity, and policies that promote a more inclusive society and encourage Canadians to pursue what should be a global vocation. With the world becoming increasingly isolationist, this is the moment for Canada to seize and champion the diversity dividend.

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