Being colour-blind to diversity

Artigo escrito pela Cláudia Pedra, da Stone Soup Consulting, uma das organizações signatárias da Carta Portuguesa para a Diversidade

Being colour-blind to diversity


Working on human rights and non-discrimination, I always recall those great sessions I have with four-year-olds at schools. When you ask a small child to draw a person and colour her/him, they can easily colour them black, white, but also purple and green. They are still too young to be concerned with issues as the colour of one’s skin. Unfortunately, if you go back to the same children when they are eight, they will easily show some type of discriminatory behaviour. It is in those formative years that society’s stereotypes sink in the children’s permeable mind and instruct their behaviour. Unfortunately, they will continue, throughout their life, to be subjected to misconceptions, generalisations and bigotry.

Thirty years later, some of these children are in leading positions in companies/ organisations and their own stereotypes will come back to haunt them in their decisions.There is a reason why on the 21st of March we still commemorate an International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We need it. Every day people are discriminated because of the colour of their skin, subjected to racial profiling and hatred speech. Every day, people are prevented from accessing jobs because of that. That is why Stone Soup has joined other likeminded organisations in signing and promoting the Diversity Charter. We accept people from all religions, colours, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, economic status, etc.

As a B Corp, promoting diversity is part of our mission and we bear it in mind in all our activities, be it our Stone Soup Academy or our internal recruitment and selection processes. We have been fortunate enough to work with amazing organisations and social entrepreneurs that erode the horrible mask of racism and discrimination, one chip at a time. Let us all do our part in creating inclusive and non-discriminatory environments, promoting equality of rights and dignity, by being colour-blind to diversity. As four year olds do.

Cláudia Pedra
Managing Partner, Stone Soup Consulting